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How to Wear Ihram

In this article the procedure to wear Ihram and to perform all the rites of Umrah are presented in a simplified way.

Ihram wear


When pilgrim pronounces the Niyyah (intention) of performing Hajj and Umrah and utters Talbiyah, certain halal (permissible) things become haraam for him. This combined action of Niyyah (intention) and Talbiyah is called Ihram. The two sheets that a pilgrim wears are figuratively well-known as Ihram but the real Ihram is Niyyah and Talbiyah. Cleanliness is suggested before putting on the garments of ihram. It is recommended that you clip toe and finger nails, shave off armpit and pubic hair, comb the beard and hair, trim the moustache, bath (perform ghusl) or if not make wuzu'. For men, the garments of ihram comprise two sheets of cloth. One sheet is wrapped round the upper part of the body except the head. The other one is wrapped round the lower part of the body. You can fix this piece by using a belt, a money belt, or a pin.

Procedure to Wear Ihram :

Preparations for Ihram:

Comb your hair, shape the beard, trim your moustache, cut your hand and foot nails, and remove all unwanted body hair.


Take a bath with the intention (niyyat) of Ihram or else do wuzu. Here it is noted that there are 2 ways of purification:

• Purification of the whole body, shower or wuzu.
• Internal purification, honest repentance on your sins.

Ihram Sheets:

Men must wear a sheet of white cloth around the waist and cover the upper part of the body with the other sheet. Women's normal garments are their Ihram but she should have to wear loose clothing and do not cover her hand and face. Both should wear the flip-flops (hawaii chappal) so that the centre bones of the upper part of the feet are not covered.

Nafil Namaz:

If it is not makruh or zawaal (undesirable) time, offer 2 rakahs of nafil for Ihram by covering your heads.


• If you are going to Jeddah by an airplane, it is suitable to get into the status of Ihram inside the airplane. Here is what you do. Do everything at your home or at the airport except doing Niyyat (intention) and Talbiyah. Have your shower, perform 2 rakahs of nafil but you are still not in the status of ihram because you have not done the major thing yet, i.e., intention and Talbiyah which is done at or before the border line called Meeqat.

• Go to the airplane and sit with the white sheets on. In a flight when you are close to Meeqat, the pilot announces that this is the border line to make your niyyah or intention and to say Talbiyah. Those who did not change their garments before must do so now even though it is not convenient inside the airplane.