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How to Perform Umrah

Preparation for Ihraam :

Before making intention for Ihraam take two white coloured cloth sheets, one sheet around the lower half part of the body and another one over the shoulder, Ihram must wear this before entering Haram. Those who are travelling directly from their countries should wear this before boarding the flight.

After wearing the Ihram clothes:

Immediately after saying Talbiyah the person is in Ihraam and ready to perform all the rituals of Umrah. As a matter of truth this Talbiyah is a reply to the call of Hazrat Ibraheem (AS) as he called the people by the decree of ALLAH Almighty to perform Hajj.

The things that become restricted after the person is in Ihraam are as under:

  1. Wearing Stitched clothes (for men only )
  2. Covering head or face with a cloth (for men Only)
  3. Wearing a shoe that hides the upper part of foot's bone
  4. Going for haircut or removing or plucking any hair of body
  5. Nail cutting
  6. Applying perfume or scent
  7. Hunting the animals or killing of body or head louse
  8. argue with other people on any topic
  9. Continuing legal things (kissing etc) with wife

For Women:
The Ihraam of women is like men only with three exceptions.
  1. They can wear stitched clothes or garments
  2. They have to hide their heads with duppata or scarves
  3. They must keep their faces exposed
  4. They Should not share bed with their husbands

Border of Haram :

20 KM ahead of Makkah there is a big arched gate; on the top you will find one big structure resembling a stand (Rahel) of Holy Quran. From here the border of Haram Shareef starts and very near to it there is a place where the Mushrekeen of Makkah had stopped the Prophet (PBUH) to proceed to city Makkah for Umrah in 6 AH.

Attendance in Masjid-e-Haram and Tawaaf :

"ALLAH Almighty is the Greatest, There is no God except ALLAH, and ALLAH Almighty is the Greatest."

TAWAAF (circumambulation):

Method of doing Tawaaf or circumambulation


There are not any specific dua (supplication) in tawaaf (circumambulation) though, it is better if you make dua (supplication) at different spots and while making various dua you must use your own language so that you can understand them and can completely concentrate.

Reciting two rakats of Wajib namaz:

After completion of the tawaaf (circumambulation) you recite two rakats of wajib namaz possibly at the place of Ibraheem (Maqam-e-Ibreheem) or else recite it wherever you get place in Mataaf (Space around Holy Kaaba). After reciting these 2 rakats namaz you seek ALLAH'S blessings, make dua for most excellent reward in the life Hereafter, request ALLAH Almighty for forgiveness and for life long and real faith, and finally for welfare of your children and other friends and relatives.

After dua, if possible go to Multazim (this part of Holy Kaaba is between Hajr-e-Aswad and the door of Holy Kaaba) and make dua (supplication).

Water of Zamzam:

After Multazim you come near the well of Zamzam, recite Bismillah then face Holy kaaba and drink zamzam water in three instalments.

Performing Saaee

Safa and Marwa are 2 hills near the Masjid-e-Haram. The literal meaning of Saaee is to run. Pilgrim make 7 rounds between Safa and Marwa and this is called Saaee. This action is observed as a memorial of Bibi Hajra, the wife of Hazrat Ibraheem (AS) and mother of Hazrat Ismaeel (AS). The Saaee is 'Wajib' both in 'Hajj' and Umrah. You should keep in mind that 1 round is complete when you run from Safa to Marwa, and second round is complete when you run from Marwa to Safa.

How to Perform Saaee

Saaee is to be performed after Tawaaf (circumambulation), if it is performed before Tawaaf (circumambulation) it will not be valid. Although Saaee is 'Wajib' to be performed on foot but in case of some excuse or valid reason the person is allowed to perform it on wheel chair. If someone performs Saaee on a wheel chair without any kind of valid reason, he will be liable and responsible to give Dum .i.e. offering a sacrifice (qurbani).

After Tawaaf (circumambulation), when you drink water of Zamzam you are ready to go for Saaee. You have to go again to Hajr-e-Aswad (Black Stone), if possible kiss it. In case if it is not possible then face both your hands towards Hajr-e-Aswad (Black Stone), and proclaim. While doing saaee, which ever dua (supplication) you have in memory you can make that and along with it remember ALLAH Almighty also. When you reach the green coloured light pillars, you are to begin running and keep running up to the other green pillars. (For men only) Then again you have to walk with normal pace. Now all the restrictions concerning to Ihraam of Umrah have come to end.

After completing saaee and being free from Saaee you have to go for shave your head hairs (for men) and females have to shorten their hairs. You have now completed Umrah thus the Ihraam formality has ended. In this way the Minor or lesser Pilgrimage ( Umrah ) Is performed. The Saaee is the most significant part in the Umrah. The significance of the Saaee can not be ignored as without performing it neither the Hajj is completed nor the Umrah. After making the Tawaaf (circumambulation) of the Holy Kaaba, Muslim pilgrims accede towards the Mount Safa and Mount Marwah, which are at a small distance from the Haram. There are 7 rounds between these 2 Mount starting from the As Safa, for a complete Saaee execution. It is better that the Saaee to be carried on in the condition of Purity and cleanliness.

A person who has neglected an obligatory act from all the obligatory acts of the Umrah and that is either shaving or cutting the head hair, must make a sacrifice (Dum) as expiation. The Umarh and its significance can not be covered and define in the words alone. It is a matter between the ALLAH Almighty and the men (pilgrim) and it is only ALLAH Almighty, who would reward the pilgrim for his acts. The Umrah packages 2023 had been offered for the Muslims by Makkah Tour, willing to fly across the Makkah and these Umrah packages 2023 are facilitating the pilgrims from Visa to secure arrive back to home.