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List Of Items For Needed For Hajj Umrah

Checklist of things you must take on Hajj and Umrah journey To make your Hajj and Umrah journey comfortable it's always advisable to check your stuff or things to do list before travelling to Holy city Makkah.

List of items that should be carried by pilgrims

  1. Carry the Hajj and Umrah Guide which you can easily understand.
  2. Don't compromises with sandal or slippers because you have to travel a lot on your feet. Take an extra also.
  3. A small pouch that should be hung around the neck for keeping hajj or umrah books, Traveller's cheques, passport, ticket, health certificate, etc.
  4. You have to walk too much so gently carry few energy drinks.
  5. collection of food impact on your worships, so kindly take a food which is fewer in amount and also have maximum quantity of calories
  6. Take Ihram in spare also
  7. Pocket belt.
  8. Prayer mat or namaz mat
  9. Garments as per requirement (according to the weather conditions)
  10. A shawl or something for covering the body
  11. Pillow
  12. cloth or Mat to be laid on the ground
  13. Carry these things when travelling i.e. mirror, comb, and oil, Miswak, sewing needle, scissors and thread or any other thing you need to bring with you.
  14. Nail cutter
  15. Towel
  16. Pair of Sun glasses (if you feel it necessary).
  17. Dining mat
  18. Water bottle that you can hang around the neck.
  19. Few medicines for headache, cold etc. Furthermore, take the medicines you require with prescription.
  20. Water sprayer to spray water over the body and the face when it is burning (as it is extremely scorching in Mina and 'Arafat).
  21. Essential cooking and dinning utensils

Essential for luggage packing:

  1. A strong hand bag for material that is used frequently.
  2. A large bag for baggage (Write your name, contact number and other necessary details with a tip marker and also mark it with a sign such as "_". Tie a colour piece which is clearly visible from some distance.
  3. Lock the bag but keep its key in the pocket of Ihram's belt and also in the bag. If the keys are lost, then the bags are generally opened with huge scissors at Jeddah customs, which will put you to a lot of difficulty.
  4. Keep the tag of your address, name, and contact number in the bag as well.
  5. It will be comfortable for you to utilize wheel-attached bags,
  6. A marker or pen for writing the name and address on baggage.

Despite all of the above mentioned basic and essentials points, it's ideal to get linked with your travel agency which can serve you the most excellent travel adviser.